Mag. Alexandra Stejskal, BA.pth.


+43 677 629 770 17

Welcome to my practice for psychotherapy

If you need:

  • ways out of your personal crisis,
  •  Psychologically or therapeutic support
  • understanding and solutions
  • A way out of your  current life crisis,
  • Support for a new way of life,
  • The end of panic attacks and depressive moods,
  •  A way to deal with serious losses
  •  Problem solutions in partnership and family 

I am there for you 

In my practice , I work with adults,  young people and couples.

Aims of the joint psychotherapeutic work:

  • The elimination or relief of your symptoms
  • Achieving a feeling of well-being and gaining new strength
  • Finding solutions and strategies to meet the individual demands of your life in a relaxed manner,
  • Recovering laughter and meeting social contacts with joy,
  • Dealing with external conflicts and conditions in a way appropriate to the situation

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a science-based method for alleviating, healing or coping with emotional problems and states of suffering.

The psychotherapeutic treatment 

Many people only start psychotherapeutic treatment at a late stage and when the suffering has already reached an unbearable level. However, psychotherapy is often the only way to free oneself from mental suffering and the associated symptoms in the long term.


Ohana is my 3 year old Labrador, who often accompanies me during the therapies.
She is a therapy companion dog, certified by the Messerli Institute.