Integrative Gestalttherapy

The method I use is Integrative Gestalttherapy. 

This is a psychotherapy direction recognised by the Federal Ministry of Health in Austria. The word Gestalttherapy does not - as often mistakenly assumed - come from designing or painting. It refers to Gestalt psychology, a branch of humanistic psychology that deals centrally with perception. Gestalttherapy combines elements of psychoanalysis, Gestaltpsychology, field theory, existentialism, phenomenology and the dialogical principle of Martin Buber. 

It was founded as a new psychotherapy method in the 1940s by the German-Jewish psychoanalyst Fritz Perls, together with his wife Lore and Paul Goodman in New York. It quickly developed into a widely used and successful method in the USA and since the 1970s, in Europe as well. 

What happens in Gestalttherapy?

In Gestalttherapy much attention is paid to the relationship/contact between client and therapist. In the present moment of therapy in the "here and now", behaviour patterns that have been meaningfully acquired in one's own biography also become apparent. They can now be consciously perceived and - if necessary - changed by yourself, according to the motto:

Only when you know what you're doing,you can do what you want.“



 However, change occurs in a paradoxical way. First of all, the meaning of the previous life, the patterns of behaviour and also some difficulties that recur time and again must be understood. Only the completely appreciative acceptance of your self makes change possible. The secure therapeutic relationship offers the framework to try out new patterns of behaviour. 

In the therapeutic process the conscious perception of one's own needs, body and emotional processes is strengthened. They learn to feel themselves better and discover what they need to feel good. Self-healing processes are set in motion that were previously blocked. 

Also in Gestalttherapy, the most important method is the therapeutic interview.
 If required, however, other working techniques such as mindfulness exercises, dream work, fantasy exercises or working with the "empty chair" are available. In the same way, techniques from other therapeutic directions, such as systemic constellations or relaxation exercises, are also used. 

Psychotherapeutic treatment is always individual, adapted to your special personality, your needs and your possibilities. I work with you, with the methods that suit you and with which you feel comfortable!